Celeste Miranda

Marketer. Author. Cannabis Industry Thought Leader.


Celeste is a seasoned marketing professional who has gathered significant notoriety in the cannabis industry over the past 6 years (10 additional in mainstream marketing). She is a frequent speaker on marketing in the cannabis industry at some of the largest cannabis industry expos and events. Celeste has taken several cannabis start up through a very successful launch, gaining unmatched exposure for what are now some of the largest industry brands. She sits on several boards within the cannabis industry including the Cannabis Cultural Association, MC4MS and CannaMommy.

  • Adam Laurent
    Thank you for the slide deck. I really appreciate each of your efforts in putting on that day's presentation. It certainly delivered some key insights that we will assimilate into our efforts. And beyond that, it really delivered a huge message about community in this nascent industry, and how to be a good corporate citizen. The Cannabis Marketing Lab committing to doing that day gratis sets an inspirational tone, and polishes your brand. The goodwill (as I can report from the receiving side on the equation) is undeniable. Happy to answer the feedback form when provided.
    Adam Laurent
  • Tony Bautista
    I wanted to Thank You again for putting on the seminar. I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan where giving back drives me as well. I’ll be reaching soon to see how TCML can help my company.
    Tony Bautista
  • Jason Kallen
    Awesome, thank you so much! It was a great opportunity
    Jason Kallen
  • Marta and Lindsay
    We drove down from Sonoma to attend the cannabis marketing lab, and it was SO worth it! The workshop was informative and engaging, and the information and tips and tricks Celeste provided have already proved invaluable. Celeste explained everything in a way that made us feel it really is possible for a small startup like ours to market and build our brand. Thank you Celeste!!!!
    Marta and Lindsay
  • Liz Gehl
    Celeste and The Cannabis Marketing Lab team provided an invaluable session in marketing to the industry. Learning from their tried and true experience and success has been incredible-they've selflessly provided tips and tricks that would normally take years to discover. It is apparent that Celeste and her team not only love what they do, they also love helping other companies succeed. Thank you, Celeste!
    Liz Gehl
  • Shannon
    Celeste's Giving Back Friday gift was extremely helpful in clarifying the direction, focus, and efforts spent in our marketing. It is clear that she knows the cannabis industry, the challenges the industry faces and workarounds to help aid in her client's success.
    Shannon WayVP of Public Affairs | Kind Roots Inc.
  • Deni Phinney
    Celeste is so easy to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable about the needs of the cannabis industry, and was able in a few minutes to help us laser focus our marketing efforts. We are so excited about creating a lasting relationship working with Celeste and her team and can't recommend them highly enough!
    Deni Phinney
  • Vaughn
    It was a pleasure speaking and brain storming with Celeste. Her canna-marketing experience and knowledge was evident from the outset, and she was able to see TWR in a slightly different wiser light than perhaps my own. TheWeedReport.org is a slightly different animal compared to most other cannabis news websites, but that didn't matter. From our chat, I was able to take away some valuable tips unique to TWR, and will likely call upon her again as TWR continues to evolve. Big thanks to you, Celeste, for your many suggestions, tips and encouragement; time well spent for sure!
  • Graciela Moreno
    Celeste and her team at TCML was an integral part of supporting my company from inception. The TCML team helped create our Social Media strategy to reach a larger audience and engage with our readers. Celeste created value for our brand by offering her exceptional expertise in her field of marketing, branding, and social media management. The combination of industry expertise, professionalism, and execution resulted in not only positive data statistics, but a pleasant and fruitful working relationship.
    Graciela Moreno
    CannaInvestor Magazine
  • Sallie Pappas
    If you are looking for a Marketing Company that can handle BIG jobs, who has longevity in Marketing skills, a very professional staff, then you can't go wrong in choosing The Cannabis Marketing Lab. They are certainly First Rate Professionals. The work they did for me continuously blew me away. Loved their work!
    Sallie Pappas
    Hemp*HEALTH* Direct
  • Terry Bean
    Celeste is the quintessential entrepreneur: She has a strong vision that keeps her and her team on track. She has the knowledge, skills and talent to deliver what is expected. And she has the interpersonal chops that make her a person you want to work with to achieve your goals. If you're looking to take part in what will likely be the biggest opportunity in business since the Internet (cannabiz...see what I did there?) you should be looking to Celeste and her team.
    Terry Bean
    Private Label VR


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