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May 2015

Results… Sales vs. Marketing

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by Celeste Miranda   It seems like lately I’ve been asked a lot about “results”… like how marketing is directly tied to results. You know, to SALES. So, I thought it was time to take a few minutes and clear up this long-standing yet still unanswered question that most marketing people do everything they can to sidestep. Here it is people: Marketing is NOT sales and sales is NOT marketing. Yes, marketing is indirectly tied to sales… indirectly being the keyword here. I’ve done marketing for a long time. I[...]

You Charge WHAT for Marketing?!

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by Celeste Miranda... So like many good business owners should do every so often, I decided it was time to shop my competitors. For the record, whenever I’ve done this in the past, it’s been kind of fun, sometimes educational, sometimes enlightening. This time, it was shocking. People, listen to me… if someone tells you it costs $5000 to build a website, unless that site is a major e-commerce site or has some other type of bells and whistles, you really should reply with some type of expletive. I was quoted that for[...]

High and Dry in Your Marketing Efforts

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What if you could tap into the power of an emerging industry that’s slated to earn 3.9 billion dollars in 2015? This relatively untouched industry has recently sparked the interest of millions of Americans, and served as a topic of conversation on the news, in magazines, online and at the dinner table. It has been the subject of comics, commercials and congress: medical marijuana. 2015 is the year of cannabis ­ and The Cannabis Marketing Lab is prepared to help you effectively leverage it! In the years since California[...]