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June 2015

Build It and They Will Come… or Not.

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by Celeste Miranda Wham! Bam! Thank you, Ma’am! Seriously… it is amazing in this industry when I hear people say “I just need a website” or even worse when I hear a marketing firm say “we will build your website and social media pages and then show you how to take it from there”. Hmmm… in my experience, not many cannabis entrepreneurs have time to “take it from there” in a way that is aggressive and will actually do some good for their service or product. To me, this is simply a set up for failure. It’s[...]

The Cannabis Marketing Lab to Debut Magazine on Apple’s Newsstand, Android Devices and Kindle Fire

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The Cannabis Marketing Lab Magazine speaks to the cannabis Entrepreneurs SAN LUIS OBISPO – JUNE 4, 2015 – The first digital cannabis industry marketing magazine will soon be hitting the market. The Cannabis Marketing Lab Magazine will be free and is a digital app that can be read on any mobile smartphone or tablet device. This allows for superb interactivity such as hot linking to the web, a pop up video feature, and an in-app audio player that allows for a soundtrack to accompany the reading experience. “We’re exc[...]

Cannabis Attorney David Kotler Joins the Advisory Board of The Cannabis Marketing Lab

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SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA – JUNE 18, 2015 – The Cannabis Marketing Lab is pleased to announce that Attorney David Kotler has joined our advisory board. Mr. Kotler is a partner in Cohen Kotler P.A., a boutique law firm located in south Florida, where he has excelled in diverse areas of litigation including criminal defense and representation of a broad range of companies. In 2014, Mr. Kotler formed a practice area in Medical Marijuana Business which allows him to draw from all of his practice areas to benefit his client[...]

The Cannabis Marketing Lab’s Celeste Miranda to Speak at Dispensary Next 2015

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MASTERING THE WEB: DIGITAL STRATEGY FOR DISPENSARIES SAN LUIS OBISPO – JUNE 2, 2015 – The Cannabis Marketing Lab’s Celeste Miranda will discuss digital marketing strategies for dispensaries at the DispensaryNext Conference on June 15-16 in Portland, Oregon. “I’m extremely pleased to be speaking about this dynamic topic to such a unique yet global audience as we continue to develop strategies to improve the digital marketing methods for dispensary commerce marketing,” said Miranda, CEO of The Cannabis Marketing[...]

Mobile Marketing in the Marijuana Industry

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Mobile Marketing in the Cannabis industry is an interesting prospect. As most who have focused their marketing efforts to the online sphere can tell you, there is a distinct need for a streamlined, user-friendly approach. Consumers want information, and need simplicity. They need to be engaged, have instant access to the information they seek, and the ability to share this information at will. This presents unique opportunities to the internet savvy entrepreneur, business owner, and investor, especially in the realm of Canna[...]