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August 2015

How to do a Successful Product Launch in the Cannabis Industry

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Lately I’ve encountered several cannabis entrepreneurs with product launches who have told me they built this and create that, etc., and only NOW they are ready to start marketing. Backwards. Business is not kumbaya and holding hands and dancing around a fire. Business is about winning and providing an awesome product or service. It’s also about making a profit. So when I see people doing a launch and then hoping it’s going to go well, that’s crazy. As a professional on the marketing end of the cannabis industry, I[...]

The Cannabis Marketing Lab Becomes an International Cannabis Marketing Firm

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SAN LUIS OBISPO – AUGUST 4, 2015 – The Cannabis Marketing Lab announced today that they have reached International status by partnering with Hemp Foods Australia. The move gives TCML more flexibility to pursue a broader variety of growth opportunities for assisting cannabis entrepreneurs worldwide -- all with a view to enhancing the growth of the industry as a whole. One of the fastest growing hemp companies over the past decade, Hemp Foods Australia will now have one of the most talked about cannabis marketing firms on[...]