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June 2016

Bringing Cannabis to Mars

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"You are a story teller," I was once told that. I love to reminisce. The past feels like it is living in me. My last paper I wrote in college was about 10 plant species I would bring to Mars. They were: hemp, grape, tomato, rosemary, rice, lettuce, soybean, coconut, lotus, and wheat. I chose them mainly because they had multi purposes. Back then, I didn't know much about hemp. I already decided that I would bring it to Mars. Now, it has been more than half a year since I started working for Miranda Marketing Labs or Cannab[...]


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The Cannabis Marketing Lab is stepping up its efforts to provide premium digital marketing services to east coast cannabis companies. The company announced that former Chief Culture Officer Dan Saita, based in New York City, will be changing his focus slightly to work closely with cannabis entrepreneurs east of the Mississippi on product launches and branding strategy. “With so many east coast states moving toward legalization of cannabis, we wanted to make sure they know that The Cannabis Marketing Lab is there to help o[...]

How to launch a Canna Business

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Any entrepreneur that is looking for a valuable but low cost investment to make in 2016 has probably investigated the opportunities within the blossoming cannabis industry. There are currently 4 states offering legal recreational cannabis, one of which is Colorado. Colorado has reported astronomical tax revenue which has led to Republicans and Democrats actually agreeing on cannabis legalization & decriminalization in an election year. This has led to a surge of people who were once put off by the legality that are now i[...]

Benefits of Switching to LED Grow Lights

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