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August 2016

How Rescheduling Could Have Changed Cannabis Marketing

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The DEA schedules substances, chemicals and drugs into 5 classified categories. BetweenSchedule 1 to 5 the level of potential for abuse gets more likely as the number goes down, soSchedule 1 is listed as the most dangerous for the public and Schedule 5 the least. A schedule 1drug has been identified by the government as a substance with no potential for medicinal useand a high potential for abuse. Aside from cannabis schedule I also includes ecstasy, peyote and heroin. This DEA scheduling makes cannabis highly illegal to car[...]

Local SEO Tips for Small Cannabis Business Owners

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It all started with the maps listings in results. That was a game changer back in the day. So many businesses didn’t “deserve” to be there, they just were. That got under people’s skin for a long time, even still today, as it’s still somewhat valid. Enter the Google Penguin update when they tried to merge the map listings with traditional SEO. That made a bit more sense for local SEO. Often you see these big lists, like “the 100 most important factors in the Google algorithm” or something like that. Most peop[...]

The Difference Between Recreational & Medical

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Cannabis is becoming a mainstream topic and for that reason the recreational market is picking up steam in various states across the US. The most early records of cannabis date back to 2027 BC and cite both the medical and recreational properties of the plant. In this modern age the cannabis economy is facing an industry shift state by state from medical cannabis programs to recreational legislation. With this shift it’s imperative to also shift individual brands to fit into a recreational program, this is only possible th[...]

3 Steps to a Successful Cannabis Product Launch, Part I

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This is Part I in a 3 Part Series, because there are basically 3 parts to a product launch. So, let’s start by answering the question I get most often: When should I begin marketing my new cannabis product? Answer is 90 days prior to the “official launch” of the product. The first phase of a product launch is called “discovery”. You have to figure out what it is your audience will buy, so you maximize the probability of purchase. The second phase is the build up… build up anticipation and knock down rejection be[...]

Branding for the Casual Cannabis Consumer

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The expansion into recreational status has gifted the cannabis industry with a new B2C marketing target: the casual and occasional consumer. This target market is overlooked because they aren’t perceived as worth catching, but these potential customers are curious about trying cannabis… they just don’t know where to begin. The draw to the occasional user is that they make up most of the population, what they lack in large quantity purchases they make up for in an enormously untapped customer base that extends to every[...]

How to Qualify More Leads at a Cannabis Trade Show

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The money that I’m seeing people spend to go to exhibit at and attend the overwhelming number of trade shows in the cannabis industry is amazing. I’ve been asked to speak at many of the larger ones, and I’ve witnessed quite a bit, including physical shut down mode by even my own clients while working a booth. I’ve seen exhibitors sitting in the booth, completely ignoring people while on their computers. Is that person approachable? No. No one will ever come up and talk to them. Ever. You have to be present at your bo[...]

5 Tools to Improve Website Performance in Cannabis Websites

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You have a website, now what? Well, “just ok” can get better and better can be the best. Here’s some help… This is a website spellchecker. Literally and it’s very cool. Just run your site through it and let it do its thing. It scans through your site but then when you click on the links it brings up the page, allowing you to scroll down to the highlighted areas of the page. This impressed me! Makes things super easy. The worst thing is a website with typos and spelling errors, and definitely the last[...]

5 Digital Marketing Time-Saving Tools and Tips for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

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Number one alone is worth reading this article… This service connects to your email. It will analyze your email account, go through it all and analyze all the subscriptions you have. I thought I probably had 30 or 40 subscriptions, you know “bacon” (it’s the new term for spam). It’s all the stuff you’ve subscribed to but you don’t really want or you never get around to reading. Well, found 246 of them. Pretty cool. It will then automatically unsubscribe you from the ones you don’t want[...]

Why Cannabis Businesses Must Increase Their Negative Reviews

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Does the cannabis space have more haters today than we used to? Well, we don’t necessarily have more haters today but if you look at the number of people who complain we definitely have more hate. There are more complaints than ever simply because it’s way easier to complain with all of the digital platforms available. As a result, people complain more often. With the speed of growth that the cannabis industry is experiencing, have expectations gotten unrealistic? Well, 80% of cannabis companies say that they deliver su[...]

How to SEO Videos for Cannabis-Related Products and Services

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You can convert more sales through video. Yep, it’s proven. Cannabis products highlighted in online videos resulted in up to 35% more conversions on product sales. The statistics go on and on, so yes, videos can help you make more sales. First of all, you have to participate in the Youtube game. You have to. I think cannabis companies are over looking this way too much. The descriptions and tags on your video are so important. They need to be relevant. They need to be congruent and they need to be connected. If your titl[...]