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September 2016

Cannabis SEO………It’s Really Not BS……It

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I receive several calls a week from entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry looking for a proposal for marketing services. I can’t tell you how often, once I touch on SEO, I’m told that SEO is total “bs”... more than I can count. Now, I get it. You’ve been burned by someone calling you saying they can put you on the first page of Google. They take your money and you never get there. But that’s not me… that’s not TCML. So, with that said, I’ve decided to share some insights about SEO to show you non-believing[...]


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The Cannabis Marketing Lab has added Nick Owen as Vice President of Business Development in the state of Colorado. Mr. Owen brings over a decade of experience in commercial branding to TCML and will boost the company’s efforts to expand in the Centennial State. “Colorado’s cannabis industry is booming, and we felt like it was time to build a stronger presence for The Cannabis Marketing Lab in the state,” said Celeste Miranda, the company’s founder and CEO. “We are excited to get to work with Nick Owen. His creat[...]

The 2016 CBE 50 Most Important Women in the Cannabis….

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When CBE presented its first ranking of the 2014 Most Influential Women in Cannabis 18 months ago—our headline read “Better Start for the Glass Ceiling in this Industry, CBE’s Most Influential Women”. I knew I was taking a chance, as a man, subjectively identifying the 20 women that I felt were most responsible for bringing the industry to where it stood as of November 2014. We launched the list to coincide with the inaugural release of theCBE 100 PPRs and the CBE Political 50 in order to make a splash at the lighte[...]

How to Make Your Cannabis Product Videos Rank in Search

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We are creating videos all over the place. How can they benefit you most? How you would present a video on Facebook is different than how you would present it on Facebook… create for the platform. When does it make sense to repurpose it and use it elsewhere? Well, that depends… YouTube is a different environment than Facebook Live. With Facebook and Facebook Live, the Live is never as fun on playback and that’s the one big thing to keep in mind. Talking to comments is going to drag on and not be a fun experience for an[...]