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November 2016

How to Pull Off a B2B Rebrand of your Cannabis Company While Growing Sales

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Launching a new brand is much different than developing a brand—one is strategic and one is tactical. You have to make sure you have a brand that is truly reflective of the cannabis business you are in. Having said that, most people have not revamped their branding in too long. A brand refresh should start with an honest and strategic review of how your cannabis business may have changed over time and what your aspirations are for the business in the future. Are these changes reflected in your brand values and attributes?[...]

How to Master Content Marketing For …

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Content marketing is how we think about marketing. Back in the day it was hit them over the head over and over until they buy from you. It's different today. The cannabis industry is new and it's getting smarter. Content has to have value, period. It has to provide engaging and entertaining information, which is totally different than the hit them over the head strategy. A fish is not aware of the water. This is how content must be... like air. You just have to be there, surrounding who wants to engage. Originally people tho[...]