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December 2016

How to Successfully Scale Your Cannabis Business

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What constrains you from scaling? It works to grow your cannabis business by working longer harder, it does, but it creates a capsule, a ceiling on that growth. A company can grow maybe 1x, 2x, maybe even 3x by working nights and weekends, but I can’t go to 5x or 10x. There just aren’t enough hours. By working longer, harder, unintentionally, you build a business that is reliant on you, the owner. You get hurt, the business suffers, you have a family emergency, and the business suffers. Not a good thing. I see too many[...]

Celeste Miranda and The Cannabis Marketing Lab

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By Maryann Lavelle Celeste Miranda is no newcomer to the marketing industry. About 12 years ago she founded a traditional marketing company, Miranda Marketing Lab, in San Luis Obispo, California. When a grow light company sought her out about five years ago to handle their marketing, she produced a very successful campaign for them. Obviously, many people use grow lights to grow cannabis, so from that campaign she became recognized in the cannabis industry. At that time that she founded The Cannabis Marketing Lab (TCML),[...]