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February 2017

A Simple Research Technique for Cannabis Businesses

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If you’re an SEO company or someone who is just really good at SEO, I want to save you some time and let you know you may find this article a little too basic. If you’re a cannabis business who is confused by SEO and looking for some simple advice that works, this article was written specifically for you. This is the first of several articles on SEO written for cannabis businesses. There’s a ton of really good SEO training out there. But most of it is catch all training that is often too general. My goal with these[...]

How to Cultivate Loyal Facebook Fans for your Cannabis Business

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Without a community, all you have is a space on the Internet. The days are no longer when you do a post to a blog and get 150 comments. Communities are no longer as visible or close, having given way too many social platforms in existence. Conversations that were in blogs have been driven away, primarily to social networks. Then Facebook Live came out, which changed the game even further. Cannabis entrepreneurs must learn to use the tools in different ways. The interesting thing about Facebook is that it tells you exactly w[...]