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May 2017

5 Simple SEO Copywriting Tips For Small Businesses in the Cannabis Space

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Unfortunately for small cannabis business owners, many do not have the huge budget to promote their product or service like a large company or one of those start up public cannabis ventures. However, many of us, as small cannabis business owners are talented in the work we do and have built a great product or service but some of us have not received the website traffic we expected. The disconnect lies in the fact that we may struggle to communicate the value of our cannabis products or services in ways that compel people t[...]

Content Cannabis

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Content Marketing that Sells in the Cannabis Industry There are plenty of self-proclaimed content marketing experts around these days. The only thing these experts have ever seemed to market, however, is themselves. Will this content marketing thing work in the cannabis industry? I think, fundamentally, the way people understand content marketing and the way that it’s taught is completely screwed up. Thus, the way that it’s defined is screwed up. Because if you look at the way that it’s defined, it’s generally mark[...]

A Crash Course in Copyright (as it relates to marketing) for Cannabis Entrepreneurs… Part III of the Series (the final).

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Here is Part III of A Crash Course in Copyright (as it relates to marketing) for Cannabis Entrepreneurs. Again, my disclaimer: I’m not an attorney. This series of articles is simply what I’ve learned and experienced. How to Legally Gain Copyright From Someone Else Okay, how does someone legally gain copyright from someone else? If copyright is fixed in the creator, doesn’t that cause problems for people who hire people to create stuff? Number one, employees are deemed to be creating in the act of their employment for[...]