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March 2018

SEO… Keyword Strategies for Cannabis Companies (part 2)

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Well, I'm a week late on Part 2, but here it is. I'm excited to continue on this keyword journey with you... Creating a keyword spreadsheet So, we started our initial view, of all the keywords that could be used to find our cannabis website. But what we want to do, is start downloading all those keywords into some form of manageable document. I find a spreadsheet (I love Airtable) to be the most obvious, and easiest for managing these keywords, because the amount keywords you have is going to be directly relational t[...]

SEO… Keyword Strategies for Cannabis Companies (part 1)

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Welcome to keyword strategy in depth with probably about 3 parts, this being part one. Keyword research is the fundamental building block, for all cannabis business’ online marketing efforts. It goes beyond optimizing your website, to enabling a better connection when marketing to your audience, as you are using their language. We'll begin by finding sources for keywords, seeing how search engines deliver different results based on the types of keywords, and building your keyword lists. Next, I'll demonstrate how to effect[...]