Hacks on How Cannabis Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Facebook Organic Reach

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Increasingly just because you have likes on your Facebook page does not mean that anyone is going to see your content. Two factors come into play. One is that there is so much content people are missing it or scrolling past it and the other one is this algorithm that sits behind Facebook and is trying to filter content based on relevance. So the idea is that they don’t want to show you stuff that is not relevant to you. If you like something but never interact with it, never share it; they are going to show it to you less[...]

Is Facebook Still Cool and Does the Cannabis Industry Need It?

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I’ve heard it over and over, “Facebook is basically dead and buried”. Is it true? Well, one thing is we know they are not cannabis friendly, so let’s dig into it a bit. Does Facebook need to be cool to be valuable to the cannabis industry? And if Facebook is no longer cool, how should that change the way the industry thinks about the channel? For Facebook, not being cool is uniquely different from not being useful. Although many people acknowledge that Facebook is no longer “cool,” they also said they still ro[...]